The Biscuits & Gravy Show

Just two old Bible college buddies talking about everything from politics, BBQ, fishing, martial arts, hobbies, the concept of time, latest finds on Netflix and Amazon, and general man cave stuff.  Interestingly enough, the program has an amazing appeal to the female audience.  

Jason and Jim were roommates at Midwestern Baptist College in the late 80’s.  Reunited through the miracle of Facebook years ago, they have maintained a solid friendship since then.  

Jason is the former host of the syndicated Jason Curtman Show that was carried on 22 radio stations around the U.S., France, and Australia.  He is a former police chief, law enforcement instructor, and also a consultant with numerous firearms training organizations. He is the “gravy” of the program, bringing a blend of comic relief to some serious topics and discussions.   Jason’s wife, Sarah plays an integral part of the program, bringing a feminine perspective to the content!

Then there are the “biscuits”; Jim Nelson is an ordained minister,  machinist, father, martial arts expert, and a very deep thinker.  The show is produced in two studios,  Studio 312, tucked away near Tularosa, New Mexico and Jim’s studio, nestled away somewhere in an undisclosed location in Michigan!


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